Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What Goes ‘Round Comes ‘Round

We arrived home from Hawaii to three feet of snow and freezing cold temperatures and it felt wonderful! While we had the best holiday it didn’t feel like Christmas to me while basking in the sunshine, so from that moment, I decided to stay home at that time of year.  The great thing about getting away was that I didn’t have to think about doing healings or reading or meditating or journaling or the stores.  I hadn’t realized how hectic my life had become until I left it all behind.  We received good news from Lisa when we returned. She was pregnant with our first grandchild!

She and her husband Russ had been trying for so long, but there was an extra, added bonus to the timing of it all. I love it when the Plan comes together!  Lisa had been managing our stores for us since Caprice’s surgery in 1986 and without her help I do not know how I would have survived.  She did an excellent job and was receiving a very healthy salary for doing so.  The new owners of our stores had taken over in September and had immediately removed her from any managerial duties pretty much delegating her to a salesclerk only.  As they did not need to pay a salesclerk such a high salary they did everything in their power to force her quit.  She came to me frustrated and in tears.  Lisa loved her job and was a talented, highly motivated merchandiser.  It was humiliating for her to have to go to work every day and be treated as if she did not exist.  I told her no matter what they said and did, try and make the best of it and just get through each day as best she could and take their money.  Make them fire you and then they will have to pay you severance pay.  So for months she did just that, and then…she discovered she was pregnant, but she didn’t say anything at work.  Finally, they got the picture that the only way to get rid of her was to fire her and they did just that.  Lisa received a large severance check and was also eligible for maternity leave.  Now that’s karma!  She would have resigned on her own in a few more months.  Who had the last laugh now? 

"Karma:  the totality of a person’s actions in any one of the successive states of his existence, thought of as determining his fate in the next.” (Webster’s New World Dictionary)

“For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” (Otherwise known as the Law of Cause and Effect)

“For every physical reaction there is a metaphysical reason.” 
It really is a true statement when it is said that word of mouth is the best advertising!  I had no sooner arrived back home and the phone started ringing from people asking for healings. How on earth were they finding me?  I certainly wasn’t advertising.  Unlike Rod, who gathered clients wherever he was and whomever he happened to be standing next to, my lips were sealed.  Again, unlike Rod, whose clients were mostly cancer patients, I was drawing people with all manner of ailments that were not imminently life threatening, but still extremely painful and for which medical science did not have a satisfactory solution, but no cancer patients…except for one.

Before our trip to Hawaii, on one of Rod’s weekend visits to our home in September, a young man named Darrell brought his mother Retta, suffering from an advanced cancer, to see Rod. While Rod and I were doing a healing on her, I looked over at Darrell sitting off to the side and he appeared to be in a lot of pain.  I left Rod and Retta and walked over to him and asked what was the matter.  He said he had back problems and he was always in pain.  I asked if he would like me to try to help and he agreed.  After only a few minutes the pain was gone and with an incredulous look on his face he said to me, “how did you do that?”  He was hooked!  Darrell took a more hands on route to using the healing energy.  To this end, he took course after course after course.  He and I were both driven to learn more, to try and figure out what this strange force was that had suddenly taken over our lives.  We spent many hours discussing all manner of spiritual topics and today he is still a close friend of Caprice and I.  He even shares Caprice’s birth date, March 5th.  Eventually he opened a health clinic in the basement of his home which offered many body healing therapies such as colonic irrigation, touch-for-health, massage, etc., along with herbal remedies for every ailment all of which helped me tremendously and taught me much about my own body and how to care for it holistically.  One more thing I have to mention; Darrel may have learned about the ‘mechanics’ of the body but he had that ‘something’ else in his fingers – something that no course can give – magic! 

As I reflect back to these past memories I am thinking now how so many ‘coincidental’ meetings, that came and went unnoticed by me at the time, were so very relevant to what was to come next.  Two people has come into my life, first Rod and then Darrell, both deeply committed to healing others, but with very different methods and then…there was me, caught in the middle of two opposites.  Neither Rod’s way nor Darrell’s fit me.  Both of them were comfortable with their roles, but not me.  I constantly fought against the tide of giving all my control to some invisible being ‘out there’.  Whenever Rod and I worked together I couldn’t escape the feeling that I was missing something.   Rod noticed the difference between us as well.  After one of our healing sessions he made the comment - “the energy is the same, but you work differently than I do in that you talk to people and get them to express their feelings verbally.”  I remember saying to him that God had given me this mouth for a reason.  Ding!  Ding!

“The true voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” (The 21 Lessons of Merlin)

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