Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Seeing is Believing

It was December 1988 and the money was in the bank from the sale of our two stores.  I had decided a vacation was in order to celebrate our newfound freedom and so I had booked a two-week vacation to spend Christmas in Hawaii for Roy, Caprice, David and I.  The first week was spent on Oahu and what a fun time we all had boating, swimming in the ocean, snorkeling with the fishes at Hanauma Bay, a luau, lots of shopping and just generally relaxing in the sun.  The second week we left Oahu and headed for Maui, but a strange thing happened to me when I stepped off the plane as soon as I my feet hit the ground.  I went from feeling happy, happy to suddenly becoming very cranky and irritable.  As we walked around that evening doing some window shopping nothing I looked at appealed to me in the least and I could not have cared less about being there. What on earth was wrong with me I wondered?  I ‘came back’ the next day but I didn’t really ever get to feeling relaxed while we were there.  One other strange thing happened on the 4th day.  Roy and David had left early to go fishing.  When I woke up Caprice was already awake with severe pain in her stomach and had to throw up.  I did a healing on her and she went back to bed for several hours.  She slept soundly until lunchtime and woke up feeling fine and said she was hungry.  We went down for lunch and she ate a hamburger of all things, with no ill effects I might add.  David and Caprice were sleeping in the same room and when David came back from fishing he told us that on the night before, he woke up and Caprice’s body was surrounded by a glowing green light…‘very big and very bright’ (no wonder she had to throw up the next morning!).

Now, as I sit here in the year 2010 reading my journal entry about our Hawaii trip and being reminded of that glowing green light, another memory surfaces, one I hadn’t recorded in my journal at the time.  It was January 1987...I know, I know! - this is getting confusing, but if you think you’re confused imagine being me!  Here I am trying to recapture the events from my past in the order they happened, one year, at a time and now I’m backtracking while I’m backtracking.  I was staying at Shera’s while taking the Reiki course.  The first day had ended and I had just gone to bed.  There I was, sitting in the dark and I happened to look at my hands and they were glowing with this same green light.  Now I’m thinking – why didn’t I think this was important enough to record in my journal?  I looked.  Nada.  Not a word!  Seems to me something this odd would be worthy of a mention?

Then, as fast as this memory surfaces, in comes another and back I go yet again to September 1987 and Dickie Motherwell’s psychic reading (mentioned in my blog post ‘Wisdom In A Mystery’).  For some reason the Maui memory made me think of something she had said in that reading that I should check out.  It wasn’t much, just a few words; ‘do you like Hawaii? – Maui?”  Now why did she ask that?  I had never been to Hawaii? 

Like links in a chain these flashbacks started a raft of memories of all the times I was given a ‘heads up’ before an event happened (and I have twenty-four years of them in my memory bank!).  As I began to write my next post after ‘I’ll See You In My Dreams’ my brain blew up, or at least that is what it felt like.  Suddenly what appeared to be insignificant, unrelated incidents that meant nothing at the time now came together in one gigantic explosion in my brain and they just never stopped.  All day and all night, day after day after day, back and forth for the past four months the memories came in and went out from the past to the present and back to the past. Talk about time travel!!  It’s exhausting!  When I sit down to write I have no set plan as to what will appear on the page, I just sit and wait for the words to come to me – no chitter-chatter getting in the way.  I had so much going on in my head there was no way I could write anything and besides, my head hurt along with some other uncomfortable, painful body symptoms.             

 “They say the moral of a story comes at the end, but sometimes it comes at the top and sometimes in the middle and you just don’t get it until the end.”

The above quote came to me three weeks ago as Caprice and I watched the first episode of a new television series called ‘Harry’s Law’.  Imagine that! What is the moral, or maybe the word reason would fit better, of our story?  Well, is it not interesting that David, Caprice and I all experienced something unusual while we were in Hawaii albeit each of us in a different way?  My emotional body shifted temporarily when I got off the plane; Caprice’s physical body was temporarily affected; and David had a spiritual moment, but Roy appears to have ‘missed’ it all (but did he?).  And is it not interesting that all this time later my notes, or lack of notes, should cause my body and mind to be so thrown?  How can something that happened twenty-two years ago now create such inner turmoil in my body and my mind?  I knew from practical, hands-on experience how this force, called by many names, changes the workings of the body.  So?  Do I doubt that what the three of us experienced was this same energy?  Not now - but in 1988 I hadn’t even touched the surface of how powerful this energy is and how It is always with us whether we know it or not.  It does not matter whether a person believes or does not believe; the memories sit inside waiting for the right ‘moment’ to make their presence known.  Like it or not, the power resides within each and every person on this planet.  It’s up to the individual to set the time and place.   

When Caprice and I moved into this house in 2003 the backyard was totally overgrown with weeds.  The following spring a friend asked me what I planned to do with the garden and I honestly did not know where to start.  The following Saturday he showed up unannounced with a dozen people to help me begin to pull out the weeds.  Lo and behold, underneath all those weeds was a work of art completely hidden from view.  What a joyous day that was!  Our yard was alive with so much fun, so much laughter and excitement as one rock wall was uncovered and then another and another.  Plants that had been buried for more than fifteen years were still alive underneath all the weeds!  To all of you who were here that day, I thank you.  This garden is as much yours as it is mine.  Now this is what I call a happy memory! 

Someone had put a lot of time, energy and thought into designing and building this garden.  I do not know who you are or where you are, but I thank you as well.  Since that day for the past seven years I have nurtured and tended this garden back to its original glory and today…there are no more weeds!

The body is no different than a garden.  Painful memories lie stored in the subconscious like weeds in a garden and can choke the life force right out of the body if they are not ‘pulled’ out.  It requires hard labor to restore a body from sickness to health, but with help from friends and a willingness to ‘get the job done’ it can be accomplished.  With this thought I have to ask - ‘Who is the designer and creator of the human body?’   

“Luck is a four letter word spelled W-O-R-K and lots of it.”
(brother Ken)

Guess I can call myself lucky!

                            That was then......

                            ...and this is now!